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The Curriculum Reflects Our Values

The Creative Curriculum is rooted in educational philosophy and theory as well as practice.  It builds on Erik Erikson's stages of social-emotional development, Jean Piaget's theories of how children think and learn on principles of physical development, and an appreciation of cultural differences.

The Creative Curriculum is a developmentally appropriate practice that describes the concept of matching the environment to the varying needs of young children.  We will work on defveloping language skills, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills and encourage creativity and exploration.


Children are happy and secure when they have plenty of opportunities to succeed each day.  Success breeds self-confidence and self-confident children approach learning as fun and actively search for information and solutions to problems.  As a result, they develop into well rounded and responsible students and life-long learners.  Much of what we do each day is designed to facilitate the development of self-confidence.


Children's interests and skills must guide curriculum planning.  Our planning efforts respond to the direction of a child's learning.  We feel that the process of learning is very important and therefore we focus on the process of learning by emphasizing the experiences the children are having rather than the results of those activities.
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Georgia Early Learning Standards


  Georgia introduced its latest set of high-quality, research-based early learning standards for children birth to age five called the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS). The GELDS promote quality learning experiences for children and address the question, “What should children from birth to age five know and be able to do?” They are a set of appropriate, attainable standards that are flexible enough to support children’s individual rates of development, approaches to learning, and cultural context. The GELDS are a continuum of skills, behaviors, and concepts that children develop throughout this time of life. They are divided into age groups and serve as a framework for learning. The GELDS are aligned with the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework, the CCGPS for K-12, and the Work Sampling System Assessment.


            Physical Development and Motor Skills

            Social and Emotional Development

            Approaches to Play and Learning

            Communication, Language and Literacy Development

            Cognitive Development and General Knowledge


For more information about the GELDS visit


Work Sampling System


Georgia Pre-K uses a statewide assessment for four year olds.  It is called Work Sampling System (WSS).  Downs Preschool uses the Work Sampling Online (WSO) to assess the level of performance for each child.  It is an assessment completed in the classroom by the teachers as children engage in their routine daily activities throughout the school year. 


Teachers observe and record student performance every day and collect work samples that show development and growth over time.  Examples (hand writing samples, patterns, art work, photographs, and anecdotal notes).  Teachers use this data to complete a Developmental Checklist and upload the information into an online portfolio.


The Developmental Checklist includes 69 performance indicators under seven       domains of learning.

                        Language and literacy


                        Social Studies


                        Social and emotional development

                        Health and physical development

                        The Arts


The indicators within these domains are directly correlated with the GELDS.  The GELDS guide the instruction in the classroom and are correlated with the Kindergarten Georgia Performance Standards.  Information from the checklist is used to determine each individual child’s performance level and school readiness.  This information is then reported on the child’s Progress Report and shared with parents at family conferences twice a year.


For more information about the Work Sampling System visit



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